Thanks for visiting my site The Trunk of Funk.  Odd name for a website?  To explain, it came from when I used to make Bluetooth Speakers from vintage suitcases.  Good memories so I keep it as the place where I now present my artwork.


I grew up in a remote North Wales valley.  My love of art grew there as  - not having many distractions - I spent hours drawing and painting listening to heavy metal and reading classic comic 2000 A.D.  I've ended up in South Manchester and my passion for creativity has been re-kindled when work and family pressure reduced giving me more time to spend on it.


'Self taught', my work is a mix - photography, digital as well as the more traditional pencil and brush.  The trick for me is to not make any of these elements railroad the others.  Less is more.  Inspired by colour, texture and patterns I love the impact a piece can have when you get all the elements singing the same tune.  I exhibit in various galleries in the north.  


If you wish to know more about a particular piece or would like further images then please get in touch.  Also if you have an idea of what you would like that you do not see here then please get in touch.


It is always a great feeling when someone chooses something I have created to have in their own home so if you do so then thanks very much and if not then thanks for having a look round. You can follow my journey on Instagram @thetrunkoffunk


For galleries interested in hosting my work then please get in touch. Many thanks!


Below are a few comments from customers who ordered artworks off me.


My husband was absolutely delighted with the butterfly commission we gave him on his birthday. It looks lovely in the hallway. Thank you again for working your magic.” (Rebecca – Knutsford)


“I’ve got the prints and they are so much more beautiful in the flesh!! I LOVE them.“ (Liz -Essex)


“Just collected the tube, cheers they are beautiful”. (Nina – Edinburgh)


Gareth Tristan Evans Image 1000 (1)


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