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My Father’s Books Original – 20 Literary Butterflies . The Vermilion Gallery, Knutsford


“My Father’s Books is a series of artworks created to celebrate my dad’s classic literary collection. Each piece is a time capsule and connects back to a period in his life and in turn connects back to my childhood”.

This piece has 20 literary swallowtail butterflies laid on a textured ‘Fabric’ mount. Each with title, author and first published date. Each butterfly is Giclée printed onto 245 gram textured Décor Watercolour paper. Hand cut, hand finished and triple lacquered. Includes classic titles such as ‘War of the Worlds’, ‘War and Peace’, ‘Brave New World and ‘1984’’.  Presented in a heavy moulded charcoal outer frame and distressed ivory inner frame’. £695.

Currently on display at the Vermilion Gallery in Knutsford, Cheshire. 

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