My Father’s Books

My Father’s Books are a series of artworks created to celebrate the life and literature of Evan’s father, Trevor.

‘Dad loved his books and was rarely to be seen without one. Growing up we were surrounded by them and I was always intrigued by the covers and the stories that lay within. I created the artwork using the medium of a swallowtail butterfly. Each book has been photographed with each crease and imperfection to see. Dad often dropped off in the sunshine coming through the bay window. The guilty coffee stain on the book cover betrayed the sin of letting the cup rest on the cover whilst he nodded off. To me they capture a moment in time that makes me smile every time I see them’.

The butterflies can be mounted on a variety of coloured backgrounds from Linen, Pigeon, Peat and presented in a double frame. Costs and configurations can be discussed via a call or an email. They can be produced in groups of 15 up to 54 and vary in price for £695 to £1495.

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