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My Father’s Books – Pattern Edition


‘My Father’s Books’ is a series of artworks created to celebrate my English teacher father’s literary collection and the wonders of reading Dad was an English teacher. MY English teacher!! As a committed bookworm he collected literature all his life. As a child I was curious of his collection and the worlds that lay within. Not having the space for a library, ‘My Father’s Books’ is my attempt to capture the atmosphere of that collection. The ‘Pattern Edition’ are bespoke patterned butterfly designs carrying classic titles painstakingly hand cut and finished before creating the 3 dimensional composition. The butterflies are then encapsulated between two frames. The outer a moulded charcoal or ivory frame and the inner an ivory or charcoal slip frame. These frames were chosen as they bear resemblance to the cases that held the butterfly collections at the Natural History Museum that I visited as a child.
Creating the artworks brings back memories of my own childhood.

This particular piece a ‘Pattern’ edition. Individually created patterns make up book covers is approximately 70 cm x 70 cm. Hand finished with Gold acrylics. It has a distressed charcoal frame and an ivory slip frame. There are 20 butterflies and they are laid on a textured ‘Sage’ Bainbridge mount . Classic titles include ‘Alice In Wonderland’, ‘Rebecca’, ‘War and Peace’ and 17 others. If you are interested in a bespoke commission please get in touch via the contact us email or call on 07714684562. Thanks